11 OCT. 2016

Labbrand Launches MADJOR to Empower Digital Brand Transformation

SHANGHAI, 11 OCTOBER 2016 – Labbrand, the leading China-originated global brand consultancy, launched MADJOR, a new brand specializing in digital brand transformation. Started in 2011 as a department within Labbrand to drive digital innovations, MADJOR, now as a dedicated digital agency, is set to bring forward a series of transformative offerings. Its cross-disciplinary team of researchers, strategists, designers and technologists work together to unlock new areas of potential for brands across the world.

MADJOR is the first digital agency whose approaches are grounded in branding. Unlike traditional digital agencies that originate from a marketing, sales or technology point-of-view, MADJOR uses a brand-led approach to elevate digital thinking. It believes that digital initiatives should be a continuation of a brand’s products, experience, communication, culture and organization.

MADJOR deploys a comprehensive process to spot opportunities, conceptualize and deliver digital transformation throughout the organization. Organization is the often overlooked success factor behind true digital transformation. Driven by consumer insights and empowered by strategic thinking, creative solutions as well as strong technical know-how, MADJOR engages all relevant stakeholders into a coherent journey and achieves digital transformation across all touchpoints.

 “We believe that digital transformation requires a new process and mental toolkit. We help brands build that toolkit and transform them from doing digital to being digital,” stated Kevin Gentle, Director and Lead Strategist of MADJOR.

After the opening of the Paris office in early 2015, the launch of MADJOR marks another chapter in Labbrand’s journey of over a decade.

“MADJOR is the first strategic step Labbrand is taking to create a unique group of companies dedicated to branding. We are striving to build a set of new brand management practices that displaces traditional advertising and business consulting to help our clients with the challenges of digital and the need for strong culture of brand innovation in their organizations. In our 11th year, Labbrand is bound to embark on more exciting adventures and innovations with firm beliefs and ambitions,” said Vladimir Djurovic, CEO of Labbrand.

The energetic and aspirational brand identity of MADJOR were developed in-house by Labbrand’s naming and design experts. The two “window” silhouettes symbolizing diverse perspectives come together to spark transformation, in the meanwhile forming the shape of the letter “M” that echoes with the brand name. Uppercases are used in the wordmark of MADJOR to convey confidence and authority.


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Headquartered in Shanghai, we use a brand-led approach to elevate your digital thinking.  We articulate insight, strategy, creative, and technology to organize and deliver comprehensive brand transformation. We change the way brands work and the way people experience them.

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Labbrand is the leading China-originated global brand consultancy, helping brands create, grow, and disrupt to be strong and resilient in dynamic markets. We are multi-cultural in approach and cross-disciplinary in research, strategy, naming and design. Together this gives us the foresight and ability to build brand equity.

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